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Select server in desired country. For better speed, select server closest to your location.

Starred servers allow you to use P2P application like Bitorrents.


This feature will allow you to choose OpenVPN/Routerpro mode whether UDP or TCP. Select UDP protocol for best speed. If UDP does not work good (for example blocked/throttled by your ISP), try TCP mode. If your ISP blocks Openvpn protocol, select Routerpro VPN protocol. Routerpro VPN protocol is designed to work through restrictive firewall and increase the speed of VPN.


By default, it is set to Openvpn UDP. For reliability, you can choose Reliable (TCP) mode. If you are located in Country with high censorship like China and you have Routerpro in your account then you can choose Routerpro connection mode.

This is much secured than Openvpn because it uses dual layer of encryption. This is designed for countries with high censorship.


Select connection port. For Openvpn you can use web ports 80 (http), 443 (https) and 53 (DNS). These ports should always be open when restricted firewall are enabled. With routerpro, VPN best is to use Auto Port. If you have a Private IP access, you can specify any port from 1-65535.

Openvpn UDP

VPN UDP Port.png

Openvpn TCP

OpenVPN TCP.png

RouterPro UDP

Router Pro VPN UDP.png

RouterPro TCP

Router Pro VPN TCP.png



BLOWFISH 128-BIT => Blowfish is fast but some see it as a weaker encryption.

STRONG (AES 128-BIT)=> This runs faster and is secured than Blowfish. It is widely and commonly used.

MILITARY (AES 256-BIT)=> This is the most secured and used for Top Secret Communication by the US government.



If your ISP throttles UDP connections or you have issues with loading of few websites with VPN, you can lower the MTU value to 1300. For gaming devices like Xbox, you can make UDP working by altering the MTU value to 1500. Here are some recommended values for "MSS Fix" parameter for various types of ADSL connections:

     1450 for PPPoA/VC-MUX
     1442 for PPPoA/LLC
     1418 for PPPoE over ATM/LLC
     1428 for non-ADSL, other types

Enable Accelerator


This can speed up VPN access on some smart mobile devices like iOS and Android. Though in some rare cases, it may not work properly for computers, so you can turn it off to avoid such problems.

Block internet if VPN Drops


If connection is dropped, then all the traffic will be blocked automatically until VPN connection is restored.