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== '''In case, if you face following error:''' ==

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Step 1

Click on the Start menu then click on Settings.


Step 2

Click Network & Internet from the Settings menu.


Step 3

Select VPN from the left side of the window.


Step 4

Click Add a VPN connection.


Step 5

Fill out the settings listed below:

  • VPN provider: Windows (built-in)
  • Connection Name: Astrill IKEv2
  • Server name or address: See Servers List
  • VPN type: IKEv2
  • Type of sign-in info: User name and password
  • User name (optional): Your Astrill username
  • Password (optional): Your Astrill password
  • Remember my sign-in info: Checked

Then click Save.


Step 6

Click on Astrill IKEv2 and then click the Connect button.


Step 7

You are now connected to Astrill using IKEv2! Just click on Disconnect from this screen at any time to disconnect from the VPN service.


In case, if you face following error: